Travel tips & Frequently asked questions

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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions from our clients, please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further information to help your quote and booking process

What is a One Way rental?
A rental where the vehicle is picked up at one rental location and dropped off at different rental locations. Domestic One way rentals occur within the borders of South Africa (e.g. Cape Town to Durban). An International One way rental occurs when a vehicle are returned to a branch outside of South African borders (e.g. South Africa to Namibia). A one-way rental will usually incur a supplementary fee.
What is unlimited mileage?
There is no limitation as to the number of kilometres that may be driven in the rental car. You are not charged for the km's driven.
Do I need an International Driver's Licence?
The supplier may accept a foreign driver's license as long as it is printed in English and has a photo on it. Unfortunately the South Africa Traffic, Police Officials and Insurance Company will only accept international licenses. We therefore advise all our international clients to have an international driver's license.
In what condition is the rental vehicle?
All vehicles are approximately 1 year old and have no more than 30 000 kilometre's on the clock. Vehicles are in good condition as the rental companies go out of their way to ensure that all customers enjoy the same satisfied service.
How do you calculate your daily rental charges?
Rentals are charged in periods of 24 hours from the date and time of checkout. A 24 hour (one day) minimum charge applies.
How do I extend my rental?
If an extension is required, please contact  JustCarHire  during office hours (Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:00) by phone or email in order to qualify for these discounted rates. If the extension is made directly with the supplier, then the higher extension rates will be charged. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in renter driving the vehicle without Collision Damage Waiver and/or Theft Protection and without lawful permission.
Do I need a credit card to rent a vehicle or can I Pay cash?
Rentals will only be granted to holders of a major credit card i.e. American Express, Diners Club, Visa, and MasterCard. Unfortunately cash deposits are not accepted.
How old must I be to rent a vehicle with JustCarHire
The minimum age for drivers is between 21 and 23, depending on supplier. There is no maximum age. Drivers must be in possession of a valid unendorsed license. Whilst driving clients are required to have their driver's license in their possession at all times.
What is an authority or deposit
An authority (previously known as a credit card hold) will be taken against your credit card on pickup of the vehicle. This amount differs, depending on your vehicle type and insurance cover taken.
When the vehicle is returned to the supplier, they will invoice you, charge you for additional extras chosen and refueling costs before releasing the remaining balance of this authority.
Can I book a vehicle on a Company Credit Card?
We,  JustCarHire,  do accept company credit cards. However, on day of collection, the driver must have a credit card in his/her name in order for the vehicle to be released by the supplier.
Can I opt for no Insurance cover?
Unfortunately not. The minimum Standard Insurance is required as it limits the renter's liability in the event of collision or theft of the vehicle
How do I cancel my reservation and will I be refunded in full?
All cancellations must be made telephonically or by email to  JustCarHire.  Please ensue that you provide us with your reservation number. There are no cancellation fees or amendment fees, and you will be refunded in full.
A "No Show Fee" equivalent to R250 or 1 days hire will apply, if  JustCarHire  is not notified of your cancellation prior to pickup.
Is Petrol / fuel included in my rental rate?
Each vehicle leaves with a full tank and the renter pays for refuelling on return. Each vehicle is refuelled on termination regardless of whether or not the fuel gauge indicates that the vehicle is full.
What is Personal accident insurance (PAI)?
Personal Accident Insurance covers the renter and passengers if they have an accident during the rental as a driver or passenger. It covers accidental death, some medical expenses and assistance and rescue. This is personal insurance and not insurance for the vehicle.
What is the difference between - Standard & Super Insurance Cover?
Standard Cover is the minimum insurance cover required to rent a vehicle. There will be an excess payable in case of theft or damage. Also windscreen, tyres and under-carriage damage is not covered by this insurance.
Super Cover is the highest insurance cover you can choose from and there is no excess payable. Super cover is also available and offers the renter a reduced excess in the event of accident or theft of the vehicle.
What happens in the event of theft or damage?
In the event of any theft or damage to the vehicle (damage of any kind, big or small), this will need to be reported to the police and a case numbers needs to be obtained. The supplier needs to be notified as well. Failure to do so will result in your insurance cover falling away and you being liable for the full loss or damage incurred.
Can I pay the full rental amount on the day of collection?
JustCarHire  is only an agent. We charge the rental amount immediately once we confirmed the vehicle that you requested. The supplier will charge any extras at termination of rental.
Can we request a certain colour vehicle?
We can request a certain colour, however we cannot guarantee this as it depends on the day of pick-up what vehicle and in what colour is available.
Please Note: The majority of cars are white.